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A farewell party is a great occasion to have one last party together.
The production of this event requires preliminary planning along with a match to the type of guests and their culinary tastes.
The excellent location and the view of the Israeli sea, along with the unique atmosphere, will guarantee you the best memories.



Israel's initial arrival is a great opportunity to enjoy the view of the coastline and culinary delights from the chef and our creative and experienced kitchen staff. It is a great opening for an amazing experience and adventure.
The perfect location and the wonderful experience will provide you and the participants an enjoyable start for the trip.


Gala dinner

A sumptuous dinner combined with a sea view that leads to a great atmosphere.
The complex is divided into a number of spaces that can be determined by the nature of the event.
The event spaces are equipped with advanced multimedia systems which will upgrade any party and will allow you to project presentations or videos.

Duplicate your Love

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